New Pathways

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New Pathways Origins

Over the years, I have seen how many with the desire to improve their emotional health are often limited by the high financial cost of therapy. So, toward the end of my course in 2023, I began offering "practice sessions" to some I knew personally.

The response was incredible. Those who had just a few sessions began recommending my services to others. I quickly began to realize that, while some people need the help of a licensed therapist, others simply need a little coaching in order to identify their core beliefs and the thoughts that are robbing them of peace.

Pathway running through a forest.

That's when the idea of New Pathways Cognitive Coaching first entered my head. How wonderful it would be to have a platform for qualified CBT practitioners to offer guidance to those needing support at an affordable cost.

I began working on a path that potential clients could follow to help them overcome common problems. That path helps them to create new patterns of thinking - new pathways of thought. The program I created takes you through about 6 months of CBT techniques.

Then in January 2024, New Pathways Cognitive Coaching was ready to begin.